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High Duty Air Curtain Solutions

HD air curtain

Uncategorized / October 10, 2019

What is a high duty air curtain? High duty air curtains are also known as HD air curtains.   These air curtains have the benefits of most standard models of curtains but with the added advantages of being even more advanced. They are manufactured to meet even higher specifications and are particularly robust. Additionally, they […]

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Recessed Air Curtain

Recessed Air Curtain / September 5, 2019

What is a recessed air curtain? A recessed air curtain is a particularly discrete solution for those looking for an air curtain but want it to be hidden, or as least visible as possible. Otherwise known as an invisible air curtain, the unobtrusive installation is a good option if you want your device to easily […]

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Why Use an Industrial Air Curtain?

industrial air curtain

Industrial Air Curtain / August 5, 2019

What is an industrial air curtain? An industrial air curtain is a type of air curtain that is used specifically in industrial areas. They work to keep spaces at a certain temperature and create distinct internal and external environments. For example, cold air from outside can be kept out and warm air from inside can […]

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Overdoor Heaters

overdoor heaters

Overdoor Heaters / July 5, 2019

Are Overdoor Heaters the same as Air Curtains? Overdoor heaters are similar to air curtains in a number of ways. However, unlike air curtains, they only provide localised heating over the space of a door. The use of overdoor heaters is found in the name! The difference Although many people conflate the two devices and […]

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Air Curtain Manufacturer: Air Curtain Design

Air Curtain Design CAD

Air Curtain Design is here to be your next air curtain manufacturer. Through our years in the industry, we have been able to manufacture and supply air curtains for many different companies in a range of different industries.   What do Air Curtain Design do as an air curtain manufacturer? Air Curtain Design has the […]

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Bespoke Air Curtains with Air Curtain Design

bespoke air curtain

Bespoke Air Curtain / May 8, 2019

Do I need a bespoke air curtain? You may be wondering why a bespoke air curtain is ever necessary. After all, competent companies like Air Curtain Design are able to supply many types of standard air curtains already. However, although there may be great air curtain options to suit you, sometimes choosing to have a […]

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How Air Curtain Design Helps You And Your Business

air curtain design

Air Curtain Design / April 5, 2019

Air Curtain Design can help you with all of your air curtain needs. Whatever your industry or environment, we can help find an air curtain that is suitable for you. Petrol stations or warehouses, office buildings, or shopping centres- trust the experts at Air Curtain Design to find you the best solution. Air Curtain Design: […]

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All About Air Curtain Designers And What We Do

air curtain designers

Air Curtain Designers / March 8, 2019

Air curtain designers have a responsibility to see through the process of creating quality air curtains. This starts from consultation about the air curtain and lasts all the way to its installation. As air curtain designers with many years in the industry, Air Curtain Design have become the go-to air curtain designers for many companies. […]

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Air Curtain Design: Experts in Air Curtains

Air curtain design

Air Curtains / February 25, 2019

Air Curtain Design: Our History Air Curtain Design has over 30 years of experience in creating air curtains. Through these years in the industry we have developed numerous solutions for those in demand of air curtains, and have seen demand increase for our services. As Air Curtain Design has grown as a company, we have […]

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Why supermarket chiller aisles may soon not be so chilly

Air Curtains and Cool Rooms

Air Curtains / July 30, 2018

Have you ever gone food shopping on a lovely hot day only to be turned into an icicle walking past the supermarket’s open chiller cabinets? Suddenly that shorts and T-shirt combo doesn’t seem like such a smart idea as you dive in to grab your organic yoghurts. Well all that chilly discomfort could soon be […]

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