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As an air curtain supplier, the products from Air Curtain Design achieve the best possible climate separation in your doorway. The interior and exterior temperatures are effectively separated, resulting in high energy savings and maximum comfort. In addition, it is possible to heat, cool and ventilate the room easily.


Air Curtain Design products provide an ultimate control of the indoor climate by heating, cooling and/or ventilating the space as required. Combined with a low noise level and various possibilities with regard to design ensure Air Curtain Design are able to not only meet but exceed all of your requirements.


Air Curtain Design offers a wide range of solutions for climate separation. Technological advances ensure an optimal climate separation in the door opening. Warm air at ceiling level is re-used to automatically maintain a comfortable working environment at floor level, thus ensuring a constant climate. This will result in fast and safe transport together with a stable, comfortable indoor climate and significant energy savings.


Air Curtain Design is an Air curtain supplier that is pleased to offer a Trade agreement and arrangement with associated companies, installers and service agreements.

Please contact Air Curtain Design directly to discuss how this can be of benefit to you.