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Other Air Curtain Design Services

Sill Line Perimeter & Trench heating

Trench heating is perfect for projects of all sizes. We offer continuous and modular units from natural convection to fan assisted heating and cooling models.

Sill Line’s continuous perimeter pedestal, as the name suggests, supplies warmth just where it is needed. It helps to evenly distribute warmth around a room and to prevent downdraughts from large glazed areas. Numerous casing styles and finishes are available.

Cold store Air Loss

The economical solution to coldstore air loss through doorways and conveyor openings.
CSL type air curtains have been specifically designed to minimise both the loss of refrigerated air and the ingress of warm ambient air that occurs when coldstore doors are opened.

CSL air curtains utilise ambient air from the exterior space around the door and project it vertically downwards to minimise the horizontal air movement which occurs between areas of different temperature.

Manufactured in stainless steel cabinets in a range of sizes to suit most opening widths up to 2.5 metres high. Variable speed control to allow the optimum outlet velocity to be selected, with high efficiency motors to ensure lower running costs and quicker pay-back.

Cold Store Units 150