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Need an Industrial Air Curtain?

Industrial Air Curtain / March 9, 2020

Do you need an industrial air curtain to cover large industrial doorways to provide effective protection against cold draughts and internal temperature fluctuations? Then look no further than Air Curtain Design We offer a comprehensive range of air curtain solutions for effective climate separation for many different business sectors, including: Industrial buildings Individual retail shops […]

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Industrial Air Curtain Design

industrial air curtain tyre warehouse

Industrial Air Curtain / February 6, 2020

Our team at Air Curtain Design can offer your business a modular range of industrial air curtains that can be adapted to fit doors or apertures up to 6 meters high. Specifically engineered for industrial and business use, our industrial air curtain range is ideal for workplaces with large, open spaces and access doorways, such […]

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Industrial Air Curtains: Warehouses

industrial air curtains

Industrial Air Curtain / November 11, 2019

Most people will have come into contact with industrial air curtains while shopping in a large town or indoor shopping centre where the atmosphere is kept stable with climate-controlled tools such as air curtains. Air curtains work by adding a streamlined, fast-moving air stream to prevent air moving through the open doorway. They act as […]

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Why Use an Industrial Air Curtain?

industrial air curtains

Industrial Air Curtain / August 5, 2019

What is an industrial air curtain? An industrial air curtain is a type of air curtain that is used specifically in industrial areas. They work to keep spaces at a certain temperature and create distinct internal and external environments. For example, cold air from outside can be kept out and warm air from inside can […]

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