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Controls & Wiring

Air curtains are supplied with remote control panels as standard and can be flush or wall mounted. Ambient and water heated units have a three position switch giving slow fan speed/ off/ fast/ fan speed. Electrically heated units are supplied with an extra three position heat switch offering off/ low heat/ high heat. Each panel can be used to control single or multiple units.

Additional controls

Thermostatic and valve controls, door switches and BMS volt free contacts (enable/ disable/ fault). All available on request.

Routine Maintenance

Electrically isolate the air curtain before removing the cover.
After six months the fan should be inspected to ensure there is no build up of dirt or other deposits on the impeller / motor, electric heater / water coil.
Thereafter it should be checked periodically as experience indicates.
Check security of fixings during routine maintenance.

All Air Curtain fans have sealed for life bearings and no further lubrication is required.

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