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Recessed Air Curtains

Recessed air curtains

Recessed Air Curtain / April 2, 2020

The main purpose of industrial air curtains is to counteract convection heat losses through open doorways. They do this by using in-built fans that project jets of air across the width of the door opening.

Most air curtains will incorporate temperature controlled heat generators that enable you to raise or lower the temperature of the air passing through the unit. Most air curtains contain heat is sourced through an electric element but some warm the air via a heat exchanger in a low-pressure hot water supply system.

While a lot of standard air curtain designs can be bulky, they can be quite unsightly in a building where you want to keep up a good image and create a pleasant, streamlined, smart-looking environment.

Where appearances matter, using recessed air curtains can be a perfect solution. These air curtains are simply recessed into the ceiling, column or bulkhead to give a more aesthetic finish to your internal décor. Once installed, the air curtains look quite unobtrusive and easy on the eye.

Recessed air curtain efficiency

Recessed air curtains are just as effective and efficient as regular style air curtains. They include adjustable heat and fan settings so you have the flexibility to adjust them to suit the seasons. This means that while you may want to turn up the heat for winter, during the warmer days of spring, summer and autumn you can easily adjust the temperature settings to suit your needs.

The great thing about recessed air curtains is that they can also be operated without any added heat. They will also help to keep your air conditioning system working optimally because it won’t be constantly pumping out warm or cold air that is being lost through open doorways.

Reduced pollution and better air quality

Another great feature of recessed air curtains is that they help to reduce the levels of airborne contaminants entering your building. If your premises are in an area with busy streets and a high passing traffic volume, an air curtain will work effectively to keep out exhaust fumes, as well as airborne dust and grime churned up by traffic.

In the summer your air curtain will also help to reduce airborne irritants such as pollen that can negatively affect your staff with allergies, making their working environment much cleaner and healthier.

An air curtain also acts to keep out other nuisances such as flies, moths and wasps that can cause issues with hygiene and potential risks to your staff and your stock (insect infestation).

Where are recessed air curtains suitable?

Just like standard-build air curtains, recessed designs are suitable for most retail, commercial and industrial premises. Installing one in a retail shop setting will greatly help the overall appeal of the ‘open door’ shop approach making the premises more inviting and welcoming.

Customers will be met by a gentle curtain of warm air and they can shop in a comfortable environment where you can more easily control the internal temperature. Recessed air curtains make for a more practical solution where customers don’t have to physically open and close a door and heat loss out of the store is greatly reduced as a result.

More comfortable work environment for staff

Recessed air curtains are great for dividing up areas within a large open-plan building. The curtains will help to prevent cold draughts and create a more ambient and comfortable climate for your staff while at work.

Because of their recessed design that fit seamlessly into the building structure, there are no closed doorways to negotiate for your staff. As there are no doors to get in the way, visibility is 100% improved, meaning your staff can safely move around your building through different areas without the risk of running into someone hidden behind a door.

Large, open reception areas that open to the outdoors will also be kept more clean and pleasant as the warm air from your curtain will help to dry any wet footprints or snow walked into the area from outdoors. Keeping your floors dry will also help to create a safer non-slip floor for your staff and visitors.

Recessed air curtains from Air Curtain Design

Air Curtain Design is pleased to offer our customers a bespoke service and a comprehensive range of solutions to fit your needs. Our recessed air curtains are constructed from the same high-quality materials as our standard ranges.

Depending on your needs, our recessed air curtain designs can fit small recessed ceilings to a depth of just 25cm (30cm on the High Duty model) so we will be sure that we can provide you with a fitting solution.

Take a look at our range of models and sizes to find the air curtain that best matches your needs. All of our air curtains are designed with energy efficiency in mind and come supplied with a drop-down hinged, linear grill for ease of installation and servicing.

You can also choose between electric heated or hot water heated units. We take great pride in our products and make sure they look as good as they work. The linear grill is finished in a high-quality polyester powder coat RAL 9010, with other colours are available on request.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team who will be happy to discuss your needs.