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Need an Industrial Air Curtain?

Industrial Air Curtain / March 9, 2020

Do you need an industrial air curtain to cover large industrial doorways to provide effective protection against cold draughts and internal temperature fluctuations?

Then look no further than Air Curtain Design

We offer a comprehensive range of air curtain solutions for effective climate separation for many different business sectors, including:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Individual retail shops and indoor shopping complexes
  • Open-plan offices

We are also happy to supply trade partners such as suppliers and installers and can create a bespoke working agreement and easy supply arrangements.


Cost-effective industrial air curtain solution

Industrial sized air curtains create a very effective air barrier to protect large open industrial doorways. In industrial settings, it is essential that some doorways remain open for health and safety reasons as well as making it easier for your workforce to maintain their movements and negotiate doorways with ease instead of having to manually operate physical doors or external roller shutters each time they need to enter or exit your building.


Air Curtain Design offers a wide range of industrial air curtain solutions for maintaining climate separation and creating a more stable working environment for your warehouse staff and machine operatives.


The energy-saving element of using air curtains have been well proven over the years by many satisfied customers. With physical doorways and roller shutters, as soon as they are opened the internal temperature of your building will plummet during the cooler weather of autumn, winter and spring.


During the summer, your cooler internal air from your air conditioning system will be lost to the external warmer temperatures. In both cases, your winter heating and summer cooling air conditioning bills will be expensive due to the quick loss of heat/cool air through the open doorway.


Even installing one industrial air curtain to the main open doorway of your building will act to maintain a steady internal climate and prevent heat or cool air loss, keeping your business energy costs down.


Climate sustaining benefits

We understand that many industrial buildings operate necessary climate-control systems, especially when you are handling and storing chilled foods, chemicals or products that need to be kept in a stable, cool atmosphere.


There are multi-use warehouse or manufacturing operations that need to keep different areas maintained at certain internal temperatures, so we can design and install industrial air curtains that can effectively separate these areas and maintain stable internal temperatures while leaving access to these areas unburdened by a physical door.


This means that you can keep product storage areas cool, while at the same time maintain a warmer and more comfortable climate for your staff in their working environment at floor level.


By not using an industrial air curtain it would mean your building would lose a great deal of warm air, therefore your heating system would need to go into overdrive to pump out enough heat to bring the internal temperature back up to an ideal level, resulting higher than average energy costs, and your staff complaining about feeling the cold.


How Air Curtain Design can help

Our dedicated design and engineering team not only design and manufacture large industrial air curtain solutions for businesses, but we can also tailor the look and finish of your air curtain frames to suit your taste.


If you are looking to have an industrial-sized air curtain installed, but are also interested in having your finished product looking its best, we offer a bespoke air curtain design service where we deliver our products in either mirror polished or brushed finish stainless steel or colour coded to meet most RAL colour schemes.


While having a bespoke finish for your air curtain design may not be your immediate concern, for those business owners who need to present a good forward-facing image to their clients or customers, then these little touches are always appreciated.


What are the alternatives?

When you need a very large industrial air curtain to cover large doorways and openings in your building, there really isn’t any other viable option. A physical curtain covering the doorway wouldn’t be a safe option because it would present a barrier that cannot be seen through.


For health and safety reasons you need to know who or what is on the other side of the doorway to be able to navigate safely when entering and exiting the building. Covering the doorway with a physical door presents the same problem. Plus with either of these two solutions, as soon as the curtain is moved or the door opened, the internal temperature is exposed to the outdoor climate and heat is lost right out of the open doorway.


Keeping contaminants down

An added benefit of installing an industrial air curtain is that it will act to keep outside contaminants out of your working space. An industrial air curtain can deter pests from entering your building, including mice, rats, birds, as well as crawling and flying insects.


Your air quality will also be maintained as the air curtain will keep out airborne contaminants such as exhaust fumes from idling vehicles and passing traffic, as well as smoke and chemical vapours coming from neighbouring businesses.


For a safe, energy-efficient solution to protecting your large open doorways, it makes sense to install an industrial air curtain. We are used to working with industrial building owners with large or unusually sized doorways that need our expertise and years of working knowledge.

Why not contact our friendly team today to discuss your needs.