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Industrial Air Curtain Design

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Industrial Air Curtain / February 6, 2020

Our team at Air Curtain Design can offer your business a modular range of industrial air curtains that can be adapted to fit doors or apertures up to 6 meters high. Specifically engineered for industrial and business use, our industrial air curtain range is ideal for workplaces with large, open spaces and access doorways, such as warehouses delivery depots, factories and food processing plants with large cold storage.

Our cost-effective solutions are flexible and can help save you money on your energy bills by retaining warm or cold air and keeping internal temperatures stabilised. Take a look at our energy-efficient range of modular industrial air curtains to find out more.

Who can benefit from an industrial air curtain?

Air curtain use has become the norm and a standard requirement for most industrial and commercial businesses these days. There are so many advantages for using air curtains in an industrial setting, not least that an air curtain can help to create an invisible barrier between environments, allowing for the obstruction of a physical door to be completely removed.

This means that a heavily used open doorway or access route can be navigated easily without physically having to stop to open and close a door. This is a great time-saving advantage that can help to improve time and motion and productivity levels.

The risks of accidental collisions are also cut down as an industrial air curtain provides great visibility for staff and other premises users entering and exiting your building.

Energy-saving and more environmentally friendly

Installing an industrial air curtain may seem like a good idea at first thought, but we are often asked about their energy conservation capabilities. No business owner wants to waste a lot of money on heating or air conditioning their buildings if it means that all the warm or cool air generated will be lost through an open doorway.

However, what most business owners are surprised to find out is that by installing an industrial air curtain they can actually make great savings by cutting their monthly energy consumption.

One of the most remarkable features of the air curtain design is that the structure feeds an invisible stream of warm or cool air downwards to cover the open doorway. The effect the airstream has is to trap the warm or cool air inside the building and preserve the internal temperature and environment.

A perfect partner for air-conditioned buildings

There are many benefits that an air curtain can bring, but a very useful one is that it will complement your in-house air conditioning system.

You can have different options with your air curtain design so that you can run it to supply either a stream of warm or cool air, so it can help boost your air-conditioned environment and act as a cooler on hot days or a heater on colder days.

If you are looking for a cooler internal temperature because you operate a cold storage set-up or you run a data centre that needs to be kept cool, this remarkable piece of technology can help to stabilise your desired temperature by keeping your cool air inside and warmer external air out.

Using an air curtain in this way will effectively reduce the energy needed to run your air conditioning system because it doesn’t have to work so hard to be constantly expelling warm air to keep internal temperature levels stable.

Reducing heat transfer between areas

A lot of industrial units will need to operate separate areas at different desired temperatures. Installing an industrial air curtain will help to reduce the heat transfer between two open spaces, especially those areas that need to be kept cool but where it would be impossible to keep separated by a physical door.

The wall of air that this installation provides an active barrier that will maintain two different temperatures, even with the absence of a physical wall or door. But what an air curtain also provides is a barrier not just to outside temperatures but also to contaminants such as dust, air pollutants and insects.

This means that if you are storing products in an area that need to be kept below room temperature, but are also at risk of being tainted by strong smells or pollutants carried by the air, you can keep the environment much more temperature-stable and prevent goods from being tainted or spoiled.

Reducing pollution and improving air quality

Many large-scale storage and manufacturing units are situated on industrial estates with a very diverse mix of businesses sharing neighbouring units. This means that whatever air contaminants other units produce can drift around the estate and affect the air quality within other units.

For example, you may have a neighbouring distribution warehouse that runs a delivery fleet and has vehicles sitting with the engines running for long periods of time. Exhaust fumes are not pleasant at the best of times, but if they drift into your building it can make for a very uncomfortable working environment for your staff and can negatively affect your stock or machinery with unhealthy exhaust deposit build-up.

This is why it makes sense to have an industrial air curtain installed to keep your working environment free from external dirt, dust and pollutants.

Do not hesitate to find out more about our industrial air curtain design and installation services by browsing the products on our website, or give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs.