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Bespoke Air Curtain Manufacturer

bespoke air curtain manufacturer

Air Curtain Design is a leading UK air curtain manufacturer that is delighted to offer our customers over 30 years of knowledge and experience in helping them to create a warm and welcoming environment for their retail unit, warehouse or office complex with our bespoke air curtain solutions.

Air Curtain Manufacturer Creating Air Curtains for Industrial Use

Installing modern air curtains can help to reduce your warehouse heating costs. There is no doubt that each time your warehouse entrance door or external factory door or loading bay doors are opened, warm air will escape from within.

This means that it can cost an absolute fortune to heat warehouses and large open-spaced workplaces and shop floors, only to see all the warm air escape as soon as your doors are opened and in use.

What this also means is that cold air and outdoor environmental pollutants can easily enter your premises, not only causing the internal temperate to drop, but to circulate dust and other potentially damaging elements around your workplace that can negatively affect machinery, electrical equipment and offer poor air quality for your employees.

The benefits of stabilising internal temperatures

Installing an industrial air curtain will create an effective invisible barrier to separate your internal environment from external elements and can help to reduce your heating bills by reducing the amount of cold air entering your workspace.

This means that you can leave open your warehouse or loading bay doors without compromising the air quality and temperature of your warehouse space or shop floor, making it a much more pleasant working environment for your employees.

Once you have an efficient air curtain installed from one of the UK’s leading air curtain manufacturer’s, you will be able to get a quick return on your investment through the energy savings that modern air curtain technology provides.

Creating a warm, comfortable and welcoming environment for your employees to work in will also help to reduce staff sick days and improve your productivity levels.

So, air curtains provide a win-win situation for any warehouse or factory owner looking to reduce their energy consumption while providing better working conditions for their employees.

How do air curtains work?

Air Curtain Design are an air curtain manufacturer that can work with you to come up with a bespoke design solution to fit your individual needs. We understand that every business set up is different and there really is no one-size-fits-all solution to providing businesses with over-door air curtains.

For warehouses and large open-plan workspaces we can work with you to design and manufacture a solution that will provide your staff with a very ‘warm welcome’. Our air curtain installation will use a system that pushes a strong current of warm air across an open doorway.

This air curtain will help to prevent cold air from entering the building and causing annoyance and discomfort to your employees while they go about their work. Warm air is kept inside your working area and prevented from escaping by the air curtain. This will help to keep your heating costs down because your internal temperature will be kept more stable, meaning your heating will not kick in once the temperature drops below a certain level.

Where can we use air curtains?

Air curtains are not just for warehouses or large industrial workplaces. As an air curtain manufacturer, we can customise your air curtain design to fit just about any entranceway to provide a powerful and effective warm air solution in almost any industrial, business or commercial doorway.

This means that you can use our air curtains to help keep out cold air, dust, air-borne pollutants and insects and help to maintain a warm, ambient internal temperature within shopping centres, open-door retail units, office complexes, large hotels, car showrooms and more!

Air Curtain Design can provide you with a truly bespoke service and you can choose from a range of workable solutions, including:

So you can see that installing a warm air curtain can be a very effective and efficient way to keep out the cold weather when your doorways are frequently opened or need to remain open for many hours per day while they are in constant use.

Air curtains make an ideal heating solution for shops, offices, hotels, showrooms, factory loading bays, and any other frequently accessed buildings with an open-door design.

Controlling your bespoke air curtains

If you have multiple open doorways that you need to be covered, we can provide a joined-up solution to fit your needs. Our air curtains are supplied with remote control panels, which can be wall-mounted or flush for your convenience. Each panel can be set up to control either single or multiple air curtain units.

You will have complete control over your installed air curtains, for example, if you choose one of our ambient or water-heated air curtain solutions, these have a three-position switch giving slow fan speed, off, or fast fan speed.

Electrically heated air curtain designs are supplied with an extra three-position heat switch: off, low heat or high heat. This means you can switch off the heat during warmer weather when you don’t need to keep out the cold.

It is also useful to know that all Air Curtain fans have sealed for life bearings and no further lubrication is required. This makes for easier maintenance and greater longevity for your installed air curtain solution.

For more information about our bespoke Air Curtain solutions, feel free to contact our friendly team. We are happy to help!