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air curtain manufacturer

Air Curtain Manufacturer / December 4, 2019

Air Curtain Design Ltd are proud to be a UK market leader air curtain manufacturer producing high quality standard and bespoke air curtains for all business sectors.

No matter what your installation needs, our highly-skilled design and manufacturing team will be able to help!

Our product range includes everything from our standard modular range through to special, bespoke custom made air curtains, including:

The many benefits of installing our air curtains

If you are planning to remodel your workspace to improve your work productivity and enable your staff to move around your building unimpeded by doors that need to be physically opened and closed, installing air curtains can provide the perfect solution for your business.

Air curtains are extremely effective at preventing air contaminants from entering your building, so if your business is situated on a busy industrial estate close to a main road, our air curtains can help to keep out traffic fumes and maintain healthy air quality within your building.

Installing our air curtains will also help to keep your premises clean by preventing other external pollutants from being blown in by the wind, including dust, dead leaves, insects and litter. Air curtains also help to deter wildlife from entering your building, including birds, bats and rodents.

Creating a comfortable environment for your workers

Most businesses that need to operate open doorways throughout the year will risk their workers being exposed to extremes in temperature, depending on the current weather conditions on any given day.

Air curtains act as an invisible barrier that can help to maintain an even temperature in your workplaces internal environment. This means that your workers will be protected from the chill winds of winter and also the harsh, dry conditions on a hot summer’s day.

The benefit of having an air curtain installation also means that your business energy costs can be greatly reduced because during the winter your heating will not be going into overdrive because an air curtain will help to reduce heat loss through open doorways, keep cold external air out, and keep warm air circulating where it is needed.

Bespoke air curtains

Do you need a specially designed air curtain? What makes working with Air Curtain Design different is that unlike most other suppliers, we are a bespoke air curtain manufacturer, which means that we have flexible air curtain options that will meet your needs for an efficient installation no matter what layout or style of architecture your building has.

We are the company of choice for all business industries and specialise in working with retail shops, office complexes and industrial buildings that require high performance, effective, energy-efficient solutions. Air Curtain Design can offer a solution to meet the most demanding of requirements.

Our unobtrusive air curtain designs can be mounted either over-door or vertically beside the door and finished with either brushed stainless steel, mirror polished or colour coded to meet most colour schemes.

Cost-effective design and performance

Every business wants to keep their overheads to a minimum and this is why it is so important to use an air curtain manufacturer that understands your business and how your workspaces operate.

You need to install air curtains that use the latest technology to deliver optimum performance and efficiency without compromising on style and functionality. We offer high-performance solutions with low noise levels.

When you work with our highly skilled design team at Air Curtain Design, you can be reassured that our team uses a combination of their years of experience and industry knowledge combined with the latest cutting-edge technology to engineer for you the most fitting solution that is modern in design and robust in manufacture, without compromise.

Work out your needs

If this is the first time you have considered installing air curtains in your business property, you will need to consider a few things before you can find the right air curtain design to suit your needs.

  •         Does your workspace have external doors that are constantly being opened and closed throughout the day?
  •         Do you need to navigate vehicles or stock carriers through your doorways, such as forklift trucks or pallet trolleys?
  •         Do you operate a retail store that maintains an open front entrance during opening hours?
  •         Do you need to keep entrance and exit doorways open for wheelchair and mobility scooter users?
  •         Does your warehouse or storage unit need to keep large external opening doorways open daily for deliveries and dispatches?
  •         Do you operate a temperate controlled building where you need to keep separate areas maintained at different temperatures?

Working out your workplaces logistical needs is your first step towards us finding a perfect air curtain solution for you. Don’t forget that you have our team of friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff on hand to help you work out exactly what your business needs.

We understand that every business is different. This is why we offer such a wide range of air curtain solutions and we are confident that we will be able to find a perfect fit, no matter what type of business you run and what sort of business premises you operate from.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a chat so we can talk you through all of your available air curtain options. We will be pleased to help!