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Industrial Air Curtains: Warehouses

industrial air curtains

Industrial Air Curtain / November 11, 2019

Most people will have come into contact with industrial air curtains while shopping in a large town or indoor shopping centre where the atmosphere is kept stable with climate-controlled tools such as air curtains.

Air curtains work by adding a streamlined, fast-moving air stream to prevent air moving through the open doorway.

They act as an invisible block across open doorways and help provide a very comfortable barrier between outside and indoor temperatures.

This means that visitors can be kept warm while shopping during the winter or be given some cooling relief from hot summer temperatures.

However, air curtains are even more valuable in a workplace setting where you need to keep doorways open, such as within warehouse environments.

Industrial air curtains can help to prevent unwanted draughts from entering a warehouse loading bay for example, or keep colder refrigerated air from escaping a cold store, or an area of the warehouse that needs to store products at consistently low temperature.

Industrial air curtains are more cost-effective than you think!

Most business owners are worried that the costs associated with installing and operating industrial air curtains are very prohibitive and are expensive to maintain. However, quite the reverse can be true in most cases.

By installing industrial air curtains within your warehouse you can effectively minimise the cost of heating and cooling your building, while at the same time providing your warehouse staff with a comfortable working environment that can increase productivity and protect the condition of your stored products.

Warehouse safety and logistics

Most people would think that fitting doors or some other form of physical barrier over warehouse doorways may be more effective to keep the air temperature stable, but installing physical barriers can actually increase your safety risks.

If you have staff that are operating fork-lift trucks or are steering loading trolleys around your warehouse space, having closed doors can cause blind spots that pose risks to staff working in the area.

You may have a set of fast-moving roller doors in place, but if there is a need to frequently open and close these doors, you will be instantly losing their effectiveness at keeping temperatures stable.

While roller doors provide excellent insulation while they are closed, once they are opened all the warm or cold air held within the warehouse is instantly lost as there is no barrier between indoors and outdoors.

Also, the maintenance costs associated with roller doors can soon add up, especially if you need to repair the doors should they be accidentally damaged during a collision.

 Increased safety and productivity

Having an ‘invisible door’ provided by an industrial air curtain means that your staff don’t have to stop what they are doing to press any door buttons. This means the time it takes to travel through a doorway is greatly reduced.

Air curtains can not only help to speed up your loading and unloading operations, but they can also help to reduce the time it takes for your staff to simply move around the warehouse.

Plastic slat curtains have been a popular way to bridge warehouse doorways for many years. However, unlike plastic curtains, using an industrial air curtain gives your warehouse staff crystal clear vision of what is ahead while moving loading vehicles through doorways.

As well as keeping unwanted hot or cold air from entering the warehouse, industrial air curtains are also incredibly effective at keeping out air pollution such as exhaust fumes, environmental dust and pollen.

Having open warehouse doorways means that you may be worried about unwanted pests having easy access. An air curtain is very effective at discouraging unwanted pests, including flying insects, rats and mice from entering your building.

The very many benefits of installing an industrial air curtain

Here is a summary of some of the main benefits of using air curtains in your warehouse setting:

  •        Bugs and pests: Air curtains prevent flying insects and pests from entering your building.
  •      Energy savings: No matter what air conditioning system you use in your warehouse, it takes energy to condition the environment. Letting in untreated air will increase the load on your system and cost you more energy. It will also reduce the comfort of your warehouse staff, lowering productivity.
  •     Environmental pollution: Dust, exhaust fumes and strong smells coming from other industrial units are uncontrollable without the use of an air curtain in an open warehouse.
  •     Humidity control: Industrial air curtains will help to keep the internal humidity of your warehouse under control. This will improve the comfort for your staff and also help to maintain your stored products in perfect condition.
  •   Protect different environments: Many warehouses and large storage facilities can use air curtains to maintain different air currents and environmental temperatures within the same building.

Air Curtain Design can supply your business with a bespoke range of different industrial air curtains to suit your warehouse environment, including recessed air curtains, high duty air curtains and ACD air curtains.

Our modular range of industrial air curtains will suit doors or apertures up to 6 meters high – ideal for installation in warehouses, depots, unloading bays, factories and large cold storage areas. High-quality centrifugal fans are used throughout the range.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly team at Air Curtain Design to discuss your industrial air curtain needs. We are here to help!