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High Duty Air Curtain Solutions

HD air curtain

Uncategorized / October 10, 2019

What is a high duty air curtain?

High duty air curtains are also known as HD air curtains.


These air curtains have the benefits of most standard models of curtains but with the added advantages of being even more advanced. They are manufactured to meet even higher specifications and are particularly robust. Additionally, they have a higher capacity when compared to standard air curtains, and this means that they are a great option for a variety of environments.

If you are searching for an air curtain that is high-spec and reliable, our high duty air curtains could be the perfect product for you.

Advantages of a high duty air curtain

High duty air curtains are:

  • Compact
  • High performance
  • Energy saving
  • Money saving
  • Good for health and hygiene
  • Help keep an area cool or have it stay warm

These curtains are also quiet and come with adjustable controls. This means that you are able to easily set the temperature you want to have in a particular space.

Where to use high duty air curtains

As these products have such an elegant design, they are well suited to a number of different places. So whether you want to have it installed in an industrial unit or a popular public building, it’s a good idea to consider using a high duty air curtain.


These types of air curtains are particularly versatile and are specifically great for use in:

  • Warehouses
  • Petrol stations
  • Railway stations
  • Industrial areas


After you have considered the type of building you want to have your air curtain installed in, you should also think about whereabouts in the building you want to have it.

For example, HD air curtains can be installed as a:

  • Wall mount
  • Ceiling mount
  • Floor mount


Although ceiling mounts are generally the most popular option, our team are happy to discuss if having a wall mount of floor mount could be a better option for you.

Installing a high duty air curtain

Our high duty air curtain models are easy to install. We even have a guide to installing the devices as we realise that some people might want to learn more about the process.


There are a few key things to note when fitting an air curtain. During the installation, an individual should always remember to:

  • Test the weight: Anyone handling an air curtain should ensure that they can manage the weight of the device, as they can sometimes be quite heavy. Furthermore, the structure where the air curtain is going to be installed should also be sturdy, so that it can support the weight of the air device.
  • Clear obstructions: Installers of air curtains should always make sure that grills are free from obstruction. This will allow air to circulate properly and for you to truly feel the benefits of the air curtain.
  • Secure the air curtain: Ensuring that your HD air curtain is properly secured will mean that accidents are avoided and the air curtain functions properly.


High duty air curtains from Air Curtain Design

We know that finding a good air curtain manufacturer isn’t the easiest job. When looking into air curtain companies, you will want to use a service that cares about attention to detail, works accurately, and has high technical skill.


A fault by an air curtain manufacturer could result in a product not working effectively or the air curtain not fitting well. This can inevitably create knock-on problems and mean that more time is being spent rectifying issues, when you should already have a working air curtain.


However, when you use Air Curtain Design, you receive quality and well-made solutions. As we have worked for various companies, in both private and public sectors, we are experienced in providing air curtains for many different buildings and room types. We are skilled in all areas of the design and manufacturing process, so you can be sure that your air curtain will be long-lasting and work well.


Our HD air curtains are:

  • Suitable for a height of up to 4 meters and a width of 2 metres
  • Have units that are supplied with hot water coils or electric heaters
  • Available in specific colours upon request


Providing more than high duty air curtains

If you are interested in purchasing an air curtain but are wondering what other products we offer, we are pleased to say that we have a great range.

Although there are a number of factors that have to be taken into account before determining if specific air curtains will suit a specific space, we are sure that one of our designs will work well for you and provide you with what you are looking for. As experienced manufacturers, we know about all standard models, but are also able to create a range of specialised designs.


Our air curtain range includes:

  • ACD air curtains
  • Industrial air curtains
  • Recessed air curtains
  • Bespoke air curtains


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