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Recessed Air Curtain: What to Know

Recessed air curtains

Recessed Air Curtain / September 5, 2019

What is a recessed air curtain?

A recessed air curtain is a particularly discrete solution for those looking for an air curtain but want it to be hidden, or as least visible as possible. Otherwise known as an invisible air curtain, the unobtrusive installation is a good option if you want your device to easily integrate into a space. This is because they can blend in better with the surrounding area and general interiors of a room. Usually, when these air curtains are installed into a ceiling, only the outlet grill remains visible. This makes the air curtain appear even more compact, whilst still working effectively.


Our recessed air curtains are made to fit in small ceiling areas. To be efficient in this, they are only 25cm in depth, or 30cm with our high duty model. Complete with a hinged, linear grill, the device is great for ceilings up to 4 meters high. Additionally, with Air Curtain Design, you can get your recessed air curtain with either hot water coils or electric heaters.

What places can use a recessed air curtain?

You might choose to use a recessed air curtain in a reception area or building entrance. The installation of one of our units here can provide guests and colleagues with a nicer environment to step into. However, a recessed air curtain can also be used in other places, too. So if you would like to use your curtain somewhere different, just let us know and we are happy to advise. Generally though, we do find that air curtains are particularly effective in places where doors are in constant use.


For maximum results, a recessed air curtain should be placed as close to a doorway as possible. For example, recessed air curtains can be recessed into the ceiling, covering a doorway entrance. Furthermore, recessed air curtains can also be mounted in suspended ceilings and even some plasterboard and false ceilings. This makes them a good choice for a variety of spaces and surfaces.


Nevertheless, our team at Air Curtain Design remain aware about the type of doorway the device might be installed near, any architectural restrictions that could cause problems (such as structural beams), and if a specific device will work well when mounted on a particular surface. By checking these things beforehand, our engineers ensure that your recessed air curtain functions as well as possible.

Do I need a recessed air curtain?

If you are looking into air curtains, you are probably already aware that the air barrier created by a recessed air curtain results in an extremely comfortable climate. However, as well as contributing to a comfortable space, recessed air curtains can result in big savings for you. By not using excessive energy through the switching on of air con or the turning up of heating, you can reduce your energy bill. Of course, this increased energy efficiency is not only good for you, but helpful for the environment. This is another great reason to consider installing a recessed air curtain.


Additionally, recessed air curtains are practical as they can create a safer area. For example, when people pass through a door with an air curtain, the warm air it produces can help dry off water, sleet, or mud that people unintentionally bring in. This can be particularly needed on those rainy days when water starts to create a slippery surface. In this way, this simple device helps to reduce the risk of a health and safety incident.


The primary purpose of a recessed air curtain is not to provide heat like a dedicated heating device, but the heat that it does emit can certainly be beneficial. Furthermore, the projection of air from an air curtain also aids in preventing airborne irritants such as pollutants or insects entering inside.

Can Air Curtain Design provide my recessed air curtain?

We certainly can! At Air Curtain Design, our recessed air curtains have low sound levels, come in various colours, and have great air flow. A recessed air curtain from Air Curtain Design, uses the same quality components as our standard high duty air curtain models. So if you’re in the market for a recessed curtain installation, our products can offer you a truly an effective solution.


We have been able to provide air curtains to suit a range of different spaces, so whether you need a commercial air curtain or an industrial air curtain, we know just how to help. Small, medium, or large sized premises, our team have experience in fitting installations that really make a difference to your day-to-day life. You can see more information about the installation process for our recessed air curtains.

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