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Why Use an Industrial Air Curtain?

industrial air curtains

Industrial Air Curtain / August 5, 2019

What is an industrial air curtain?

An industrial air curtain is a type of air curtain that is used specifically in industrial areas. They work to keep spaces at a certain temperature and create distinct internal and external environments. For example, cold air from outside can be kept out and warm air from inside can be kept in.

The industrial curtain can make a work place feel much more pleasant. Causing no physical obstruction, the air barrier allows for free movement with increased comfort.

What industries can use industrial air curtains?

As the name suggests, industrial air curtains are used for industrial businesses. This includes places like:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Cold stores
  • Industrial halls
  • Loading bays

Increasingly, air curtains are being considered when buildings are being designed. However, it is common for some older buildings to not have them. Although this can mean that businesses have to look into installing the air curtains themselves, companies like Air Curtain Design are ready and willing to help.

Why do people use industrial air curtains?

Air curtains are an excellent investment for many businesses, due to their ability to create a more comfortable environment and lower heating costs. Air curtains can especially be sought after for their use in the industrial sector, as having large doors open for a long time can lead to chillier environments. This can commonly occur in spaces like refrigerator stores. Additionally, industrial air curtains can prevent annoying cold draughts from sneaking into your work space and can consequently create an ease of operation.

With workers having to frequently move between indoor and outdoor environments, and trucks and vans coming and going when goods are being transported, the change of temperature can not only feel unpleasant, but it can even cause workers to not carry out their tasks as effectively as they could. With an industrial air curtain, illnesses due to changing temperatures can be minimised and a healthier environment can be created by preventing dust, debris, pollen, and other airborne pollutants getting indoors.

So use an industrial air curtain to:

  • Create a comfortable environment
  • Lower heating costs
  • Prevent illnesses
  • Increase productivity
Are there downsides to having an industrial air curtain?

Two common reasons that people may avoid installing an industrial air curtain are:

  1. They feel it is too great an expense
  2. They feel it is an indulgence that is not needed

However, whilst it may seem unimportant to you, air curtains have shown time and time again to transform a space. The difference they can provide can make things better for you, your colleagues, and others who may pass through the industrial area.

Air curtains sometimes have a tendency to be seen as a luxury, but this shouldn’t be the case. You might think that adding an air curtain into an industrial space simply isn’t necessary and you can continue to do without, but you’ll certainly realise the difference when you get one! The simple act of installing an air curtain can make a positive change to the everyday work experience for many. In fact, at Air Curtain Design, we think that industrial air curtains have such clear benefits (such as those listed above) that it’s hard to overlook them.

How much does an industrial air curtain cost?

Although spending money on an air curtain may be off-putting for some, the actual cost of it will depend on the specific type of curtain you choose and the place you are having it installed. For example, if you want an industrial air curtain fitted in a large warehouse, this will understandably cost more than an air curtain in a small reception area.

Nevertheless, Air Curtain Design will be able to advise you on how you can get the best price for your desired type of air curtain. Inquire about affordable industrial air curtains with us and we will be able to give you more insight into what we can provide for you and your industrial space.

What do industrial air curtains by Air Curtain Design offer?

Of course, we believe that installing industrial air curtains is a great decision. However, we equally know that it is important to use a trusted manufacturer, such as Air Curtain Design.

Our air curtains are:

  • Quiet
  • Reliable
  • Efficient
  • Energy-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting

Even spaces with the seemingly most efficient heating and cooling systems could benefit from the addition of an air curtain. Having both an up-to-date heating system and an air curtain means that both installations can work together to give you the best results for the best price.

You can save money by not having to crank up the heating a few notches every time the room gets a bit colder, just because of the opening and closing of doors and windows. Finding the perfect temperature in any workplace isn’t easy, but our industrial air curtains can undoubtedly help.

Our industrial air curtains

Our industrial air curtains have different strength levels and come in various sizes to suit various spaces. We can even cater for you whether you want your installation to be mounted horizontally or vertically. Additionally, they can be adjusted so that you get the output of air that is right for you every time. If one of our numerous air curtains doesn’t seem to be the perfect fit for you, we also offer bespoke air curtains.

If you are looking for an industrial air curtain to improve your industrial space, contact us today. We will happily explain to you how our great options could help you.