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Overdoor Heaters / July 5, 2019

Overdoor Heaters – Are they the same as Air Curtains?

Overdoor heaters are similar to air curtains in a number of ways. However, unlike air curtains, they only provide localised heating over the space of a door. The use of overdoor heaters is found in the name!

The difference

Although many people conflate the two devices and get confused about the use of an air curtain, an air curtain’s primary use is not as a heating device. Rather, the heat produced from an air curtain is secondary to its other functions. An air curtain’s primary use is to create a barrier between the outside and the inside. It creates this difference in spaces by keeping the warm air in and the cold air out.

The air produced from air curtains is usually warm, but they can also be manufactured to distribute no heat at all. In this way, the air curtain provides no real temperature change to a space, but still provides the other benefits of an air curtain (such as being able to keep the air clean and prevent heat loss). On the other hand, the purpose of an overdoor heater is to create warm air that can be felt when someone passes through a door.


As a type of space heater, the kind of area an overdoor heater will be installed in has to first be evaluated. This is so that those who experience the overdoor heat will reap the full benefits. Electric powered overdoor heaters will work best when positioned as close to the top of a door as possible. Sometimes, this is best done by the overdoor heater being attached to the ceiling above the door. By positioning a heater close to the top of the door, heating loss will be minimised. They can also be mounted on various surface types, which makes them suitable for a wide range of spaces and their use not limited to certain types of buildings.

How does it work?

Typically, these heaters project heat horizontally, but there are also examples of where they can project multi-directional heat. What you choose will come down to your needs, preferences, and your desired price. A larger space may benefit further from a overdoor heater that produces multi-directional heat. However, a smaller room may function just as well with a classic overdoor heater producing only downward heat. The best ones will be able to provide you with just the right amount of heat for your chosen room or building. Furthermore, if you’re concerned about overdoor heaters providing too much warmth in the summer months, you can easily adjust the settings on an overdoor heater so that only a cool air breeze is delivered.

Settings and controls

The settings on overdoor heaters can usually be adjusted with a remote control. With the remote, you won’t have to rely on being able to reach up to the actual heater just to switch it off or alter the settings (especially if the overdoor heater is placed especially high!). However, overdoor heaters also usually come with manual switches on the heater itself, which can be useful should you need to use them.

Where can I use overdoor heaters?

Overdoor heaters can be used in many different environments. Whether you realise it or not, you’re likely to have experienced the effects of overdoor heaters in places you have visited.

Many commercial spaces can have increased comfort by installing a heating appliance such as an overdoor heater. Commonly, they are used in places such as reception areas, office buildings, show rooms, and service stations. Commercial properties can also be improved with overdoor heaters, such as in places of residence, entrance halls, and even restaurants. The heaters are also often sought after for their use in industrial spaces, such as loading bays, warehouses, workshops, production areas and manufacturing buildings.

Need an installation somewhere different?

The use and placing of overdoor heaters are not limited to the above. If you have a specific place in mind that you think would be improved by the device, there’s nothing to say it wouldn’t work well there, too. Overdoor heaters can be applied almost anywhere there is a door! Additionally, if the space is small enough (like a small shop or a contained reception area), you may find an overdoor heater may provide enough heat so that other heating systems do not need to be used. This can further contribute to you lowering your heating costs by the simple installation of just one piece of equipment.

What are the benefits of overdoor heaters?

In a space where doors are frequently opening and closing, a lot of heat loss can occur. This can make a room or waiting area feel particularly uncomfortable. With overdoor heaters you can avoid this, and have welcoming warm air greet you, other workers, and customers into a space. The warmth provided by these devices is one of the main reasons that people choose to install it.

However, if you’re concerned about there being too much heat provided by an overdoor heater, you’ll be pleased to know that our overdoor heaters can also have the settings of full heat, half heat, and even fan only.

Should I choose air curtains or overdoor heaters?

As competent air curtain designers, we can create a great solution for you. Whether you’d prefer an air curtain or an overdoor heater, we encourage you to contact us today to find out how we can help. Guided by your concerns, we can work with you to determine what is best for you and most suited for your needs.

Our installers at Air Curtain Design know how to install overdoor heaters and air curtains so that they operate at their optimum.

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