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Bespoke Air Curtains with Air Curtain Design

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Bespoke Air Curtain / May 8, 2019

Do I need a bespoke air curtain?

You may be wondering why a bespoke air curtain is ever necessary. After all, competent companies like Air Curtain Design are able to supply many types of standard air curtains already. However, although there may be great air curtain options to suit you, sometimes choosing to have a bespoke air curtain is the best route to take. Even if there is an adequate air curtain option already available, you are likely to benefit further by having a bespoke design that perfectly suits your needs.

Will a bespoke air curtain work in my space?

One of the biggest benefits of a bespoke air curtain is that it’s able to fit to your particular requirements. This includes them being suitable for a variety of environments. So if you’re searching for an air curtain for a large retail space, or a quieter residential building, bespoke air curtains will accommodate this. Particularly wide or narrow spaces are even more likely to see the advantage of using a bespoke air curtain solution. Furthermore, when creating our bespoke designs, we are happy to liaise with architects, interior designers, homeowners, or building managers. This leads to us creating the best solution for each project.

Why should I get a bespoke air curtain?

As our bespoke air curtains are custom made, they are customisable. That means that you can have full say in what you want from your final product. Air Curtain Design is happy to discuss the many options available to you, and we will always advise on what we think is best. This means that we can guarantee that you will be happy with your specialised and individualised air curtain.

We have received lots of positive feedback from the customers who have opted for our bespoke air curtain options, and you can be sure that we will deliver equally impressive results for you. Quite simply, the versatility of our bespoke air curtains is second to none. They can create the most comfortable conditions, so your ideal solution doesn’t have to be a dream.

What can a bespoke air curtain offer?

Air curtains have come a long way from being bulky and obtrusive pieces of equipment. Today they can be a visually stunning addition to a space, with sleek designs, increased energy efficiency, and better noise control. Unlike a standard air curtain, a bespoke one offers increased flexibility to meet your needs. This can include considering if the curtain is best installed horizontally or vertically.

What details can I choose with a bespoke air curtain?

There are many details to consider when opting for a bespoke design. For example, your bespoke air curtain has the option of coming in either mirror polished or brushed finish stainless steel. The finishes can really complement the architectural style of a building, so consider a bespoke product if this is important to you. Alternatively, you might choose to take your bespoke air curtain to the next level by having it colour coded to meet your particular colour scheme.

You’ll be pleased to know that our air curtains can be colour coded to meet most RAL colour schemes. This means that you’ll get the best match for your room or building, whether you plan on having an air curtain that seamlessly blends in, or one that creates more of a contrast. In this way, your bespoke air curtain unit can offer you style and as well as functionality. Air Curtain Design believes that our products should not only be practical, but aesthetic, too. With our variety of designs, shapes, and finishes, there’s little that our bespoke air curtains are unable to provide.

Why get a bespoke air curtain with Air Curtain Design?

At Air Curtain Design, we are dedicated to creating the very best air curtains. Therefore, if you approach us wanting a bespoke air curtain, we won’t hesitate to create a unit for you that is highly effective and uniquely suited to meet your precise requirements. Whether this is your first air curtain installation or your fiftieth, our bespoke solutions are tailor-made to best suit you. Our experts are able to provide a bespoke air curtain for your space, whether you already have ideas about your preferred type of product, or you need a little more help.

Bespoke air curtains can vary in price, but Air Curtain Design will always try and create a great bespoke air curtain that is within your set budget. We’re happy to discuss how you can get a fairly priced bespoke air curtain with us, and can outline what some of the most cost-effective options are.

Air Curtain Design are proud to be leading the way in air curtain innovation, and we’d be delighted to create the best bespoke air curtain for you. We believe our bespoke air curtains are superior to many others on the market, so if you’ve been struggling to get a bespoke air curtain for your building, contact Air Curtain Design today.

How can I get a bespoke air curtain?

Maybe you’ve realised that a bespoke air curtain sounds like the right fit for you. If so, Air Curtain Design would be happy to help you. Call us today on 0208 3448790 or email us at or We will promptly respond to your inquiries.