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Air Curtain Design: Experts in Air Curtains

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Air Curtains / February 25, 2019

Air Curtain Design: Our History

Air Curtain Design has over 30 years of experience in creating air curtains. Through these years in the industry we have developed numerous solutions for those in demand of air curtains, and have seen demand increase for our services. As Air Curtain Design has grown as a company, we have also become increasingly knowledgeable. This means that we are able to offer the absolute best products and services for our customers. A lot has changed since we first started in the air curtain industry, but our commitment to creating the most well designed air curtains for our customers has remained the same.

Over the years Air Curtain Design has consistently delivered air curtains to suit all sorts of specifications. We competently manufacture and install many types of air curtains, and are confident in solving any problems you might have. Air Curtain Design is also proactive in considering your specific needs, and offering you the best tailored solutions.

Air Curtain Design: Our Work Today

Today our company has a focus on not only high performance and quality air curtains, but also creating air curtains that are efficient and modern in design. As expert designers of air curtains, we are able to provide products that are perfect just for you. We have also been able to witness continuous technological improvements for air curtains. This has allowed us to become even more versatile and to cater to the varying needs of our clients.

Air Curtain Design: Understanding your Needs

We understand that there are many different reasons to opt for air curtains. For example, we can work to ensure that you keep a room or building at your desired temperature. An unwelcome draft or breeze doesn’t make for a great environment, and our air curtains solve this problem. However, although you may think of air curtains primarily being used to keep an area warm, they can also keep a cool area cool, such as if you want to prevent air escaping from a cold store. Additionally, if you’re worried that installing an air curtain will keep your room or building too hot in the summer months, our air curtains are also able to effectively keep out hot air in warmer weather, so that you have total control of the temperature in your environment.

Using Air Curtain Design to manufacturer or install air curtains for your company is also an economically-friendly solution. This is because air curtains prevent heating or cooling costs from unnecessarily mounting up. With the money your company spends on air conditioning and heating, the last thing you want to do is see that money go down the drain due to doors constantly opening and closing. Working with Air Curtain Design means that you can find a cost-effective solution to this issue, and in turn, save money for your business.

Air Curtain Design: Our Products

We aim to be as helpful as possible, and therefore we provide a range of products that can cater for your particular needs. These include:
High duty air curtains
ACD air curtains
Industrial air curtains
Recessed air curtains
Bespoke air curtains

With such a range of products, we know that whatever type of air curtain you may be looking for, we will be able to help. Air Curtain Design will be able to work with you, whether you have an idea about the type of air curtains you desire, or whether you’d like more advice. We provide the best solutions for even the most difficult and demanding of requirements. If you have struggled to find a quality manufacturer and installer of air curtains before, Air Curtain Design are here to help you.

All of our products are high-quality and long-lasting. We are confident in the products we produce and consistently check they are manufactured to exacting standards. We are also always happy to tell you more about our any of our particular products.

Air Curtain Design: Our Sectors

At Air Curtain Design we confidently supply the following sectors:
• Retail
• Offices
• Industrial
• Trade

If you work in one of these sectors and would like the help of Air Curtain Design in creating the best air curtains for your environment, we’d love to help. We always offer air curtains with great design and reliable performance. Furthermore, no matter how big or small you may need your air curtain to be, we guarantee that we will advise you on our best solution. We consider your sector, environment, and building, and can discuss what you want from an air curtain so that we definitely find the best product for you.

Air Curtain Design: Our Expertise

You may be certain that you want to install air curtains, but may be uncertain about why you should choose Air Curtain Design. If so, we can assure you that our company are the most competent providers of air curtains. We have proven our longevity in the industry and are experts in all things air curtains. We care about what matters to you, and can help you in considering things that you may not have thought about before (such as the noise levels of some air curtains).

You’ll also be pleased to know that Air Curtain Design have great customer service. So whatever questions or concerns you have, we’ll seek to answer your queries in a timely manner. You can trust our expertise, and our friendly team are always on hand to help.

Air Curtain Design are experts in air curtains. If you’d like our help in creating your next air curtain, contact Air Curtain Design today.

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