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Why supermarket chiller aisles may soon not be so chilly

chilled juice aisle

Air Curtains / July 30, 2018

Have you ever gone food shopping on a lovely hot day only to be turned into an icicle walking past the supermarket’s open chiller cabinets?

Suddenly that shorts and T-shirt combo doesn’t seem like such a smart idea as you dive in to grab your organic yoghurts.

Well all that chilly discomfort could soon be history thanks to a gadget inspired by Formula 1 racing cars.
The device is basically a thin strip of aluminium and plastic shaped like a wing that is attached to the front of the cabinet shelves.

Air Curtain Aerofoil

“The aerofoil acts like the rear wing of an F1 car and guides the air to create an air curtain,” explains Craig Wilson, managing director of Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE).

“It stops cold air spilling out into the stores.”

The strip, a result of a collaboration between WAE, the offshoot of the Williams F1 team, and Aerofoil Energy, may look simple, but it could save supermarkets millions in refrigeration costs.

UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is so impressed it has decided to fit the aerofoils in as many of its 1,400 supermarkets and convenience stores as it can.

Of course, it’s not just about customer comfort. The supermarket chain’s annual electricity bill is “in the hundreds of millions of pounds”, he says, and refrigeration accounts for about half of that.

Fitting the aerofoils is reducing the chain’s refrigeration costs by up to 15%, says Mr Crewe – a potential annual saving of nearly £10m.

“By looking outside of our industry, and borrowing technology from an industry that is renowned for its speed and efficiency, we are accelerating how we are reducing the impact on the environment, whilst making shopping in Sainsbury’s stores a more comfortable experience,” he says.

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